Agreement for Bridal Service Package


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Name of bride: _________________________Date of Wedding: _____________________________

Bride’s telephone number: _________________ Email Address: _______________________________

Mailing Address:______________________________________________________________________

Best way to communicate (please circle):  Call/  Text/  Email

Location: (Where we will meet on the day of your wedding?) ___________________________________


Special Instructions upon arrival: _______________________________________________________

Starting time(Earliest your willing to start): ______________End time (what time would you like everyone to be finished by): _________________

# of party for makeup:______________  # of party for hair:______________

Wedding Planner Information:  _____________________________________________________________

Photographer: ___________________________________________________________________________

Videogragher: ___________________________________________________________________________

Wedding Hashtag: ______________________________________________________________________


***If possible please attach any inspirational photos when emailing back the contract and headshots. ***


Makeup will be provided for the following people (Position in the party- i.e,. maid/matron of honor, bridesmaid, Jr. bridesmaid, mother(s), etc.) add ons on day of will be accepted if time permits. Please indict of just lashes and no makeup application is needed.  

(bridal appointments are 1 hour long, others are 30-40 minute slots)

1. ___________________________ Lashes? Y / N     Airbrush add : Y / N

2. ___________________________ Lashes? Y / N      Airbrush add : Y / N

3.___________________________ Lashes? Y / N       Airbrush add : Y / N

4. ___________________________ Lashes? Y/N        Airbrush add : Y / N

5.___________________________ Lashes? Y / N       Airbrush add : Y / N

6. ___________________________ Lashes?  Y/ N      Airbrush add : Y / N

7.___________________________ Lashes? Y / N       Airbrush add : Y / N

8. ___________________________ Lashes?  Y / N      Airbrush add : Y / N

9. ___________________________ Lashes?  Y / N      Airbrush add : Y / N

10.__________________________  Lashes?  Y / N      Airbrush add : Y / N


Hair will be provided for: (Price quote does not include blow dry. Hair must be completely dry or there will be an extra fee. Bridal appointments are 1 hour long, others are 30-40 minute slots)

1. ___________________________   Short / Shoulder / Long          Down do / Updo

2. ____________________________ Short / Shoulder / Long          Down do / Updo

3.___________________________   Short / Shoulder / Long          Down do / Updo

4. ____________________________   Short / Shoulder / Long        Down do / Updo

5.___________________________   Short / Shoulder / Long          Down do / Updo        

6. ____________________________   Short / Shoulder / Long       Down do / Updo

7.___________________________    Short / Shoulder / Long        Down do / Updo         

8. ____________________________  Short / Shoulder / Long        Down do / Updo

9. ____________________________  Short / Shoulder / Long        Down do / Updo


Additional Hourly Rate: $100.00 (for makeup touch-up and to be on stand-by, please include this in the balance)   YES____NO_____    YES, how many hours: ________

-  A team is available if you would like to save on time. Add $150 fee for team

- A $10 fee per service charge will be added to weddings that have a getting ready start time 6am-8am

- A $20 fee per person charge will be added to weddings that have a getting ready start time before 6am. (exceptions made for large groups)

- A $100 charge will be added to weddings booked on a holiday and require booking minimum of 5 services 

- Booking minimum $500 for Saturdays

- Travel fee of $1 per mile unless waived by Cristal

Any valet parking, parking fees, and toll fees incurred by Makeup Artist on day of wedding as the responsibility of the party signing this agreement.

_____ Any no-shows on the appointment date will be charged the full price of services scheduled (person signing responsibility)

_____ Any changes to the schedule must be received 72 hours before appointment times.

_____ Any member showing up late for their scheduled service will receive a shortened service to keep the staff on schedule, and the full            price of service will be charged. 

_____ Cristal has permission to take photos for marketing purposes

_____ Have read and agree to the policy that Cristal has provided on the bottom link


_____ Any pre-wedding services needed? If so what services? (please circle)

rehearsal / tanning / Lash lift & tint / lash extensions / day before hair blow out/ trial run


_____ Deposit will go towards balance total due

Changes or additional persons added to, and/or removed from, this agreement may result in an increase of the rate quoted.  By signing, you agree to pay for services described and have read and agreed to the statement below.


Payment method: (no personal checks accepted, only Money Orders/Cashiers Check)



CASH / Paypal card swiper 

You may put card info (optional)

VISA OR MC      card #_______________________________

exp date: ________________   3 Digit code___________

Name on card _____________________________________

*****Card will only be charged for cancelations, no shows, late start time if limited on time. If not will be taken out of the deposit paid.


Bride’s full name (Print) _________________________________

Signature: _________________________________ Date: ____________________________



Contract can be mailed to address Cristal will provide OR you may print/scan and be sent through email



All cosmetic products used by Cristal are all FDA approved and hypoallergenic, NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS.  However, it is the client’s responsibility to advise the artist if she or he is known to have any allergies.  Client can request at any time a full list of all cosmetics or products used.  Client further agrees to indemnify and hold Cristal harmless from any claims of liability, losses, damages, or any expenses whatsoever as a result of any claims, demands, damages, costs or judgments, including but not limited to claims based on negligence against it, that may arise in connection with services performed by artist.  This agreement is intended to be an addendum to any previous conditions, released or hold harmless agreements, in written form, verbal or manually communicated between Cristal and its clients in connection to makeup services.  Therefore, clients release Cristal of all claims of injury, seen or unseen that may occur as a result of any makeup service including but not limited to makeup application.  Bride will be the responsible party for the total fee of the service package (herself and her party, if individuals listed as payees are unable to tender funds on the day of the event.)  Returned checks are charged $45.  A refund is not issued if the client (Bride or Party) decides to cancel their reservation.  All the rates are based on the information stated in this contract (date of event, number of party, traveling location, time of event, makeup style).