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Florida Location:

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY: Jacksonville Beach Medical Spa - Thin MD Med Spa


Want to host me at your Salon/ Tattoo Shop/ Medical office?  As a contractor I can go to your Public Health Approved location.  Commission/ rent for time is negotiable.  You provide the clients and I bring the supplies.
 Contact and lets set something up!


California Pop-Up:


Schedule 2019:

early Feb (touch ups only, no new initials)

June 20- July 9

early August

mid December




Microblading Initial Session

Hairlike strokes! Good for young skin, or normal/dry skin. Two part process. Touchup required.

2 hours

Ombre Brow Initial Session

A more "filled in" look. Good for ALL skin types, including oily and aging/thin skin. Heals very soft and natural. Two part process. Touchup required.

2 hours 30 minutes  

Combination Brow Initial Session

Combination of Microblading and Ombre Shading. Two part process. Touchup required.

2 hours 30 minutes

Yearly Touchups

My past clients only

1 hour 30 minutes

Touchup (From different artist)

Please send a picture of your brows. I do not take all clients with previous microblading. I sometimes suggest removal. All new clients are booked at new client price!

2 hours 30 minutes

Baby Liner

Natural lash enhancement liner. Very thin and natural. Color is gently tapped into lash line.

2 hours

What is microblading?

Microblading involves using a hand tool with nine or more tiny needles to create shallower cuts on the skin and then letting pigment seep in to create hair like strokes. Microblading lasts only  1- 2 years depending on your skin’s pigment retention — and for someone who’s a bit squeamish about making a permanent change, that just may be the ideal amount of commitment! An annual color boost is recommended to keep your brows on fleek.


You are NOT a candidate if any of these apply:

  • under 18 years of age

  • insulin dependent diabetes

  • pregnant or lactating women (doctors approval needed)

  • skin diseases

  • allergies to makeup or colors

  • transmittable blood conditions

  • healing disorders

  • uncontrolled high blood pressure

  • liver disorder

  • accutane or steroids

  • allergies to alcohol and numbing agents

  • patients undergoing chemotherapy

  • botox/chemical peels within 2 weeks

Click below to download the information packet.  Here you will find all the consent forms, medical history, Pre/post op procedures, and detailed description of the healing process.  Please bring these forms completed for your consultation appointment.